Talent is the Most Important Resource. School is Cradle of Talent.

    To achieve the success for company, school and student, Lianfa established good cooperative relations with Nantong Textile Vocational School, Hai’an Vocational Centre, Hai’an Shuanglou vocational High School and Hai’an Technical School in 2005. It can improve students’ application skills and expand employment channels. At the same time, it provides professional talent for our company. It is successful in targeted recruitment and targeted training.
    1. Implementation of the specific training
    In order to high required employees, Lianfa has reached agreement with Nantong Textile Vocational College that students who has virtue and skill will grouped in a class named "Lianfa Class". Through Lianfa and school’s efforts, a specific employment mode of order-type teaching, training has been formed.
    2. Work with the school enrollment
    School enrollment is the first step of company recruitment. We always have the idea of consisting supply and demand. In recent years, Lianfa publicize her development plan, future employment post, standard of selecting talent and using of staff when school is enrolling new students. Lianfa also organized students to visit her companies which is good for student to choose major and look for job. It also combines professional course and company’s need on which Lianfa offer wonderful opportunity for students, and train students to have higher skills.
    3. Support School to Award Excellent Students
    To award excellent student, Lianfa set up Lianfa Scholarship in Nantong Textile Vocational College. This prize has been awarded for four years now, which encourages students greatly.
With the joint of school, Lianfa has attracted and cultivated a lot of high-skilled professional talent who played important roles in their post and made great contribution in improving quality of production. In the future, Lianfa will continue to work with schools to develop together, expand her cooperation area gradually, train a high-quality staff team continuously and try her best to promote herself and schools.

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