Social Responsibility 

A prominent enterprise must be a factory fulfill social responsibilities earnestly

    As the top 10 manufactures in Yarn-dyed Industry in China, Lianfa thinks that: a remarkable enterprise can only achieve the sustainable development when they fulfill the social responsibilities earnestly.
    Over many years, Lianfa has always been committed to save energy, reduce emission, and constructed environment-friendly enterprise. And Lianfa realized them by improving equipment, technology innovation. In 2008, Lianfa lowed energy consumption 0.142 ton standard coal per 10000 Yuan output value compared to average level of Jiangsu province textile Industry which is in the leading-level in the national textile industry. Technology of low-constant liquor ratio dyeing obtained the “Advanced Technology Award for Energy-saving and Emission-reduction” by Chinese Cotton Textile Profession Association, “Printing and Dyeing Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Plant” was listed as National Torch Plan. Company has also developed “Solid color-too soft liquor ratio”, “Pickling enzyme wash-liquor ratio”, “non-PVA sizing technology”, “the heat energy recovery system”, “Neutralization technology of Mercerizing-waste water-smoke” and so on a serious of new technologies of energy saving, Lianfa was regard as pilot enterprise of circular economy in Jiangsu Province.
    In order to strictly fulfill social responsibilities and set environment-protected image, Lianfa used environment-protected dyes, recycling resource, realized the “ecological environment-protected” of production and quality. Meanwhile Lianfa is certificated by ISO14001 Environmental Management System and “OEKO-TEX Standard100”by EU Trade Union.

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