Social Responsibility 

Lianfa Textile always advocating that “Honest to everyone and to be a enterprise with credit”


    Lianfa Textile has been always advocating that “treating people and enterprise with credit” Business is the same as to be a man, credit is the eternal principle of business and the golden rule of an enterprise existing in the long run. Credit is Lianfa’s foundation of existence and the base which makes Lianfa prosperous. Lianfa takes credit as her main character on which the development relies. 

     For Lianfa,credit is the driving forces which is used to concentrate the team, win the trust of customers, and develop the business. Credit is also a responsibility, in the development of Lianfa, Lianfa actively takes the responsibility of country and society in forms such as actively creating value for shareholders to maximize shareholders’ benefits,to revive national industry, return to the society,. ”To be truthful in speech and firm in action”, Lianfa actively practices the fiduciary duty to customers, creating a harmonious biological circle.It also energetic pursues the credit to workers, considering them as family by showing understanding, respect, trust to create a shared environment of complementary ,mutual help and love.For the Lianfa people, credit is a kind of conduct, guidelines and responsibilities. The credit which we take is from the character, integrity, responsibility, the height of the honor that enterprise and individuals are necessary to uphold, we take “credit” as the company’s basic values, and abide by and pursuit regardless of success or failture.
    Based on credit, Lianfa has made up clarity of business ethics, and the company’s senior managers are exaples who are with ethics. Kong Xiangjun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that if senior manager can not take lead to comply with enterprise’s values and ethics, it will be difficult to administrate enterprise, code of ethics is not a slogan hanged on the wall, which is advocated by Lianfa’s managers, especially top managers and they should also set examples.

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