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--- The 2010 Closing Ceremony in Spinning company for Operating Contest Games

    On November 10th 9:00 am , the 2010 operating contest game which organized by Lianfa Spinning Unions closed ceremoniously in Lianfa Hall .The managers including group leaders 、athletes and staff representatives attended the meeting . The Union president Xue Chenglan chaired the closing ceremony. General Office Manager, Sun Helan summarized the athletics game and awarded the honorary certificate for winning staff, posted for pictures with employees.

    The operating contest game lasted 15days this time, and 45 athletes took in part in this gymkhana. The Games are divided into 2 lines: running processes and spinning device process. It has made significant breakthroughs in form and combined the individual work performance and group achievements, greatly improved the quality of work while the individual skills have also been increased accordingly. Athletes usually work hard  for technology and prepared fully so that they will not stressful 、impulsive and play their level steadily in the game . They assessed 2 group awards, 7 people in first prize and 5 people in second price, 4 people in third prize for individual awards .

    The seasoned worker Lan Rongzhi in running line was calm 、composed and skillful in the game ,she won the first prize with the result tie-in 10 yarns within 32 seconds . In omnipotent operations, Wang Xiaomei completed her all process in an orderly way and won the first prize with 99.6 points . The new worker Gao Li who has been in company for only nine months ,she participated in the competition as the new worker and got the first prize 98.16 points in the new working group under her courageous, good attitude and sufficient exertion.

    The doffing worker Chen Lingling was very calm in the game, hanging roving, cited yarn, wearing bell, checked the quality of drafting orderly, lead the head fast and accurate ,finally she got 101.1 points in total and won the first prize in the individual doffing competition . The first doffing team obeyed the command, unity and unison under the leader Gu Yonglan and got the first group with 98 scores .

    Hu Renhuai of equipment line knocked the spindle fast 、accurate and steady ,he knocked 20 spindle in one minute and the quality is 100% ; Yu Jianhua twisted the head 14.8 per minute , the survival rate up to 95.1%; Hu Renhuai 、Cui Wei and Rong Qinghua worked very hard and inspected their machines two times every day so that they can eliminate the problems in time ;the fifth team of spinning repaired men worked together to review arrangements with stand-alone 70 minutes under Lin Feng’s guide, improved 5 minutes compared with the standard ,100% quality inspection machines in half month, and deducted 2.3 points every machine , deducted 1.5 points for inspection machine ,got the first prize in all team groups .

    All staff participated this operation contest actively this time and all teams prepared all skill training meticulous. The judges kept their records and scores realistically and all athletes abided the rules ,attend the competition in time and respected for the referee's decision, raced out of style, raced out of the results. Recalling the race course, while affirming the achievements, we also found our own shortcomings, deficiencies. We should make the focus and directions of skills training to develop the appropriate training measures, the experience will guide our future production practices, to ensure that individuals operating skill and workshop production efficiency will step in another higher step.

    All staff in Lianfa Spinning not only to gain excellent results, but also gain a passion for progress constantly required in this operation contest games .
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