sing the song before working

    "Unity is strength, this strength is iron, steel, this strength is ... ...", the song is full of passion and resonant voice which has become a opening day of working to the day shift equipment lines in yarn dyeing plant for over a year.To people familiar with the "good example to learn from Lei Feng" as the model which adapted the tune of "I am a good staff of Lianfa," the songs have been singing in the laboratory, dyeing units even the whole region by three shifts before the work. Orderly queue, full of spirit, resonant voice, they create an exciting, harmonious, and positive team atmosphere.
    "I am a good staff of Lianfa……”.The song transfer core values of corporate culture, safety, quality, and many other ideas in a song,as a vivid manifestation of morale as we inspire each other before working.
    Form is for content,we are not social stragglers,we had an organized and disciplined to achieve common goals and bright future of the team.Spirit and consciousness are the key results to determine the specific behavior.Let’s persevere benefit from each team to start the construction from little things seriously,
Dyeing plant  
Liu Chungeng

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