XiangjunKong elected as the Annual Innovative People of China’s Textile Industry Association in 2009

        On March 26th 2010, the commendation of”2009 Innovative people of China’s Textile Industry” and Forum held in Beijing. Yuzhou Du, the chairman of China’s Textile Industry Association, Kunyuan Xu, Tiankai Wang, the vice chairmen, consultant Naiji Lin, together with other vice presidents, Donghui Yang, Yong Gao, Yankai Zhang, Ruizhe Sun, Wenying Xu etc. attended the activity. In the commendation and forum activity of “2009 Innovative people of China’s textile industry”, Xiangjun Kong, the president of Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co.,Ltd elected as the 2009 innovative people of the national textile industry.
        During the forum of innovation people, vice general manager of Lianfa Textile, Yinjun Yu introduced the management innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation and innovative initiatives and efficiency of the company. Wenying Xu, the vice president of China’s Textile Industry Association and president of China’s Cotton Spinning Textile Industry Association has given high marks on our innovation and efficient also rapid development in recent years.
        The activity of “Annual Innovative people of China’s textile industry” mainly sponsored by China’s Textile Industry Association and undertaken by “China’s Textile” magazine agency. The electing activity could be through company self-recommendation and organization recommendation, in accordance with relevant principles and procedures relating to the election, by many times retrial of China’s Textile Industry Association and executive vote to elect out 20 annual innovative people.
        The picture shows the company’s vice general manager Yinjun Yu (left one) spoke at the forum. Zhonglin Xiang report/photo

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