The participants spoke frankly and put forward many moves, seek an outlet by drawing on collective wisdom


      Lianfa joint Seminar on Development Strategy was held successfully on Jiangsu Yongfenglin Ecological Garden 

      Xiangjun Kong made an important speech, and Yixin Wang presided over the meeting.

      From the afternoon of July 24 to the morning of July 26, Lianfa joint Seminar on Development Strategy was held successfully on Jiangsu Yongfenglin Ecological Garden. The meeting was aimed at a comprehensive analysis of the superiority and interiority for Lianfa’s current development. During the meeting, the participants talked about improvement initiatives, discussed about the plan for managements .This meeting was held to enhance communication, promote the cohesion, and draw on collective wisdom to update the management level of enterprises. 

     The entire leadership of Group Board of Directors, mid-level managers from separate companies, and representative reserve cadres total 80 comrades attended the meeting. Vice Party Secretary, Yixin Wang presided over the meeting. 

     Xian gun Kong, Group Chairman of the Board, President of Lianfa Textile made an important speech on the opening ceremony of the seminar. 

     Chairman Kong made an explanation for the reason of organizing the seminar. Firstly, it was because of the necessary for Lianfa's development. When an enterprise developed into a certain size, without a three-dimensional thinking and positioning, its development will definitely be short. Without systematic and comprehensive planning and research on the long-time development goals, the enterprise would also be difficult to obtain long-term, orderly development. Without a certain scale and diversity, it was impossible to become an international enterprise. Secondly, it was in order to help the managing team understand the objective of Lianfa's future business development goals, to enhance employees’ confidence and cohesion to enterprises and encourage them to try their bests to do whatever they can contribute and made for Lianfa with the sense of owenership.Thirdly,it was because of the necessary for the communication among management needs. Through the communicating platforms, they could know their strengths and disadvantages which needs to be enhanced during the discussion, this could help to make the inter-sectoral coordination smoother and easier to cooperate with each other.  

      The General Manager Kong believes that LianFa Group’s average annual sales growth rate is 200 million RMB each year from 2003 to 2008, to some extent, by virtue of large inputs, the introduction of the most advanced equipment and process flows. From the beginning of 2009, what we can rely on to develop in the next 5 years? This is a serious problem we have to face with. The biggest contradictory at present in China is not financial crisis, but a surplus of production capacity. Workshop equipments across the country are more and more advanced, integration of elements are more and more reasonable, and this kind of enterprise is everywhere. However, the amount of global growth is objective and limited, in this case, we must plan for the development scientifically in the next 5 years, and fully aware of our advantages and disadvantages.   

      The General Manager Kong pointed out that the advantages of LianFa are mainly embodied in three aspects. First, the Lianfa Group take possession of cotton spinning mill with annual cotton production of 100,000 spindles, the marketing capacity of 7-8 million meters yarn-dyed per month, formed a production process from spinning to fabrics to garment. Our employment rate, the main economic and technical indicators are in the forefront of national counterparts; our loss of original yarn is lower than advanced peer manufactures; the efficiency of our machine, the sophistication of the equipment, the total amount of each individual unit have reached the advanced level. Second, marketing, management concept and product development are at the level of industry-leading. We are still in a good development trend under the financial crisis. From January to June of this year, our total sales were still increasing. Third, leadership ladder team has basically formed, which provided a security for our enterprise’s development and expansion. When a enterprise has reached a certain size, it would rely on the strength of the team. If we want to make our enterprise bigger and stronger, this is an essential requirement that we need to play the best role of collective wisdom and strength of the team.  

      About the weakness of Lianfa, chairman Kong expounded four points. First, middle-level managers still not formed the habits of decentralized management. Few man proposes while more people works. Second, most customer of middle or low level which causing enterprise lacking core-competitiveness. Third, training methods and contents, pool of talent all lag beyond the enterprise's development.Forth, we depends more on the inputs but less on management in the aspect of controlling the costs. 

      Chairman Kong pointed out that Lianfa's next progress mainly in four aspects. First, intensify the development and research of local brand., develop subsidiary's core-competitiveness and promote the revision of customer's construction.Second, strengthen the guidance of Business School and bring it into play. To make it the platform of learning and training thus meets the talent needs of Lianfa's development.Third, take importance of both international and internal market. We should advance the production capacity to middle and high level , and transfer the low market to overseas. Forth, intensify the contribution of local market and make it the key progress of Lianfa's long-term development.

      During the meeting, twenty-five managers which from the subsidiary companies made the judgement of the management situation basing on their positions.They explained the "advantages" and "disadvantages', found the weakness of management and spoke out for how to adjust. Yuyingjun, Luzhenyong, Xuli, Chengjianguo,Wuyingxia ,Tang'gang and some more people's speech are of high value. The directors Huangchanggen, Xueqinglong, Cuihengfu and Yuyongjun made speech from the aspects of development ideas, subsidiary companies' situation and group's develop policy. 

      Chairman Kong pointed out at the end of the meeting that the research meeting was very successful.First, it makes us know more about each other and promotes our relationship. Second, the speeches all have much effectiveness. Third, it provides the bases for the decision of group's further development.  

      Chairman Kong said that human resource is enterprise's eternal problem but it can be overcomed. We need to do oriented training and innovate the personal mechanism throught the distribution systerm's reform. We should  form the habits of regarding the workers as our family, to care about and respect them, to stable the them by human management and make great effords to meet their needs, so they will have more affective and affiliation commitment. 

       In the end, chairman Kong asked the leaders to connect the meeting with daily works. Basing on continual improvement and striving for novelty, we need to work through it eternally to make the better future of Lianfa.

       Another Hearing   In order to comprehensively implement the spirit of strategic seminars, Mr. Kongxiangjun,Group Chairman of the Board, President, Chairman of JIangsu Lianfa textile, convened the entire leadership of the board of directors convened in the conference room on the afternoon of July 28, held the seminar of Lianfa’s development.  

       Mr.Kong thought that this strategic seminar makes majority of middle-level’s thinking ability of the biggest play and release. If there is sufficient time to prepare for the strategic leadership and fully understand the intention to accept the premise, and then focus on their charging departments, and work, the speech will be even more abundant and more professional, more effective, the quality will be higher. Through this seminar, we can also see that the management of thinking pattern at different levels is taking shape  How to effectively work with the actual docking, Mr.Kongxiangjun highlighted two demands: Firstly, all subsidiaries of the participants, including spoken and not spoken, should write a document, including the advantages and disadvantages of the job analysis and rectification of the order and time. Mainly in two steps, the first step is to list a tabulation of the rectification measures by sector and branch head, such as content, planning, time and the need for higher level support and so on. The second step is that Mr.Huang and Mr.Cui can be decomposed to the charge of Deputy Director and general manager for materials integration of content into a work plan and improvement program, giving full play to the deputy general manager, general manager role. Secondly, companies should focus on the benchmarking of their respective enterprises, the identification of specific catch-up initiatives.  Mr.kong pointed out that the group must be carried out from the overall framework for the management of the various management subsidiaries must carry out their duties and make the best possible use, giving full play to the team function with a strong sense of teamwork,. In the future, the internal discussions should be held several times a year by a subsidiary of the frequency of its own decision which must be pragmatic. When the conditions are ripe, Ms.Chen and Mr.Huang held the seminar of overall lead and the financial cost control. The theme of the discussion is how to control and count the cost from the management. Mr.Xue should determine the overall theme and led to Mr.Wu,his deputy, conference on the introduction of human resources and training seminars  The meeting decided the problems of subsidiaries need to be soluted in the near future. Leaders of the board of directors have commented on Jiangsu Lianfa’s development strategies from the multi-faceted, all-round viewpoint. 

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