James king’ s Double Happy Events on May Holiday

      On May 1th, the first store of James King in Shanghai started business in Shanghai Channel One Plaza, the second franchised store of James King in Haian opened for business simultaneously. They both opened with great magnificence, 

     Originated in Scotland, the brand “James King” mainly produces high-grade men shirts, and also makes costumes and accessories such as tie, cufflink, leisure trousers, short pants, socks, etc. As the only operating agent in China, Jiangsu James Textile Co., Ltd keeps the England classic of James King and makes thousands of shirts of different types for Chinese consumers properly.  Combining with Chinese features, pursuing superior fabric and high-grade clothing, it has already been the symbol of the trend of Chinese fashion in the field of shirts. To satisfy the requirements of different-size customers, types of clothes including loose-type, slim-type and common-type are sold out in James King’s stores. With the view of limited quantity and various types, James King creates most types of its shirts. Recently, there have been more than 150 types of shirts sold in Shanghai Channel One store and over 200 types sold in Haian “Golden Dragon ” store to satisfy the consumers. James will continuously update the type of the shirts to further service for all the customers of different requirements. 

     Closing to Changshou Road and West Nanjing Road of Shanghai, Channel One is a large shopping center which brings the trend of the art, updated social intercourse, shopping and consumption together. Involving hundreds of world-famous brands, it is one of the new-rising business areas which are full of potentiality in Shanghai. Located on the 4th floor of the plaza, James King started the business while other shops moving in or in decoration. From 10 am. to 10 pm. of the opening day, customers patronized the store successively. By the opportunity of making discounts, customers bought more than one shirt at one time, forming many shopping upsurges time and again and brought considerable achievements to James. Under the great care of the instructions and vigorous support from the leaders of the company, Channel One kept high turnover rate and sum of business during the opening period. James King successfully took its first step into Shanghai market which made a solid foundation of developing the nationwide markets and strengthen our brand. 

     Situated at the most prosperous financial and business center, the twenty-eighth high building, Haian Golden Dragon International Hotel is the largest high-grade hotel which is the symbol of Haian and its neighborhood. Located on the first floor of Golden Dragon International Hotel, Haian “Golden Dragon Store” of James King is very popular and impressive to all the customers with its high-grade, steady decoration, various types and patterns, superior production and reasonable price. 

     Recently, we are positively making speed to prepare the following branch shops of James King. Zhoupu Wanda store of Shanghai Pudong, Zhongjiu franchised store of Guangzhou will open business in the near future. James will bring all the customers an enthusiastic service so as to creating the top-grade and professional image of shirts.  

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