Stress on the cooperation among production, study and research, speed up the independent innovation, and promote industrial upgrading


      Lianfa textile speeds up its development by scientific innovation 

      In the morning of May 9, Jianming Jiang, the vice president of Shanghai Huadong University, signed with Xiaoming Shan, the head of Haian County, with the goal of building Jiangsu Haian textile technology garden; meanwhile, signed with Changgen Huang, the general manager of Jiangsu Lianfa, to build ‘Donghua University and Lianfa textile yarn-dyed fabrics project technology research center’. President of Donghua University Mingzhi Xu, secretary of Haian County Shushan Zhang, and Xiaoming Shan, the head of Haian County announced the opening of technology garden and research center separately. Party secretary of Donghua University Shaozhong Zhu, vice president Tianchu Chen, Jianming Jiang, assistant of president Chunhong Liu, R&D Director Jianyong Yu, and more than 40 exports and professors from University and research center attended the ceremony. The county party committee, deputy header of Haian county Jinji Sun presided over the activity. Assistant of head of county, committee office, and garment office director Yaxi Zhang, director general of county technology Bureau Shucun Yang, Chairman of the Board, president of Lianfa textile Xiangjun Kong, vice president and general manager of Lianfa textile Changgen Huang attended the ceremony. 

      According to the agreement, Donghua University will recommend at least 10 high-technology projects to help in the implementation of the industrialization of enterprises by priority, and provide services as product analysis and testing and so on. Also, they will help on the training of various personnel. And what’s more, Donghua will cooperate with Lianfa, especially focus on the projects of finishing of cotton fabrics, the development of new fabrics, and high-level garment brand etc. our county will set up funds to support the research achievements. 

      During the ceremony, secretary of Haian County Shushan Zhang pointed out that, as a new developed industry town in northern part of Yangtze River, own good basis of textile industry, just as Lianfa textile, the medium-sized textile enterprise. Lianfa, as the top five companies in yarn-dyed industry for 11 years, winning the first place in Jiangsu yarn-dyed industry, also the first one to plan to go to the market, is the leading enterprise in Haian. Donghua have well research apability and human resources. The cooperation between Lianfa and Donghua will broader the production, study and research, achieve the complementary of each other, and help the development of textile industry. 

      President Kong gave an ebullient speech. He said that our company’s been stress on innovation for years and the cost was about 60 million, which was more than 3% of annual sales. With the goal of training excellent employees, producing best products, and winning better economic and social benefits, insists on the theory of leading to high-tech advances in technology, using information technology to stimulate industrialization. Based on high-techs, moving traditional industry, push productive lines by techs, speed up the scientific and technological innovation. Our company will invest 3 million per year for research, developing, training and planning for the cooperation with Donghua. Based on the cooperation, our company will try to become a model of college-enterprise cooperation, and build up an innovational company and help in the realization of our developmental vision. 

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