President Kong Xiang Jun Awarded as City Science Contributor

     After 10 days of public hearing on Medias, from Nov. 14 to Nov. 24, President Kong Xiang Jun was awarded as City Science Contributor of 2008.
    For recent years, following the instruction of President Kong, our company has insisted on science and technology development, with an investment rate of 3% each year in R&D. In the past few years, we have had 8 provincial technical projects, of which the project of “high-class fabric dyeing and finishing” was established as the Provincial Star Project of 2007. For nearly three years, this project has accumulated a sales income of ¥2,091.18 million and an extra tax revenue of ¥75.86 million. The economic benefit of the project is so evident and prominence that its accounts for 47 percent in total sales income.
    On this awarding, 14 out of 28 nominees are honored as City Science Contributor of 2008 after strict judgment and vast public hearing.

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