Leaders of City and Town General Labor Union Visiting the Company with Guidance


      On the afternoon of July 20th, vice president of city union, Ms Zhu Shu Juan, Ms Dong Zhi Fang from city ministry of organization and president of town union, Mr. Duan Ren Gui and their party of total 10 persons, regardless of the hot weather, visited our company with guidance. Vice secretary of the group’s Party branch, Mr. Wang Yi Xin, welcomed cordially and accompanied the leaders to visit the staff’s dining hall and the “Staff Center”. 

      Vice secretary Wang, representing the staff, passed heartfelt thanks and expressed high respect for the leaders on the visit and made concrete report about the union branch’s jobs. Mr. Chen Shao Jun, vice secretary of the GangLian company’s Party branch and manager of the department of human resource, reported the running situation. After listening to the report, the leaders made positive comments on the group’s achievement on democratic management, publishing of factory affairs, building of “staff center” and so on. Most importantly, voting for union president democratically in all units, had set an example for all union branches of the whole city. 

      During the meeting, leaders from the city general labor union praised the group’s union branch for its participating and importance in democratic management, policy making and solving problems for workers. Besides, the leaders especially praised vice secretary Chen for his creative thought about making use of the labor union to drive the company future forward. At meantime, the leaders also pointed out the weak point on legal propaganda among workers and advised for the aspects that need to be improved. 

      Vice secretary Wang stated that, we were truly thankful to the attention and support given by the leaders form both city and town general labor union. LianFa Group will do our best about the labor union’s work as ever before, setting a good example, to make continuous improvement about the union, supply better services for the workers and contribute to accomplishment of the group’s production target. 

      Presidents of branch labor union from all units attended the meeting. 

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